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Bristol Sinks

We are the eastern Ontario distributor and seller of stylish sinks.

Are you looking for some extraordinary as well as commodious sinks for your kitchen? Welcome to The Granite Shop, where elegance meets functionality in every drop and wash! Our passion for quality craftsmanship is reflected in our exquisite collection of sinks and faucets.

Picture a stunning granite countertop, sleek and polished, gracing your kitchen or bathroom. Now, imagine the perfect sink nestled within it, like a jewel in a crown. That’s the magic we create at The Granite Shop.

Our sinks are not just functional; they're works of art. Crafted from premium materials, they effortlessly combine style and durability. Whether you desire the timeless charm of farmhouse sinks or the modern allure of stainless steel, we have a sink to match your unique taste.

But what’s a beautiful sink without a faucet to complement it? Our faucet selection is equally captivating. From classic designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia to contemporary marvels of technology, we offer a range that caters to your specific needs.


At The Granite Shop, we understand that your home is your sanctuary. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you create spaces that inspire and rejuvenate. Explore our exquisite sinks and faucets, and let your imagination flow with The Granite Shop.

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